Friday, October 17, 2014

Etsy Items of The Week

I absolutely love this unique shop. This week's feature item is a pair of hand painted Superman wedge shoes. I love anything with Superman on it. Shop, PricklyPaw has lots of hand painted items. They have a pair of Wonder Woman shoes that I just may get myself for Christmas. Any of their items would make great gifts for a comic lover. So go over and check them out.

Later loves.

Monday, October 13, 2014

It's Monday!

How was everyone's week? Things were a little crazy here. I intended on making only four to six new items last week. I made 18. I got into a rhythm and just kept going. New color combinations just kept popping into my head. Most of the new items were lapel pins to match some existing hair pins. 12 of the 18 new items are pictured below and are already listing in my store. The other six are waiting for hardware and photos.

Speaking of photos, the closer and closer we get to winter (yes, winter) the gloomier it gets outside in Michigan. Which means outdoor photos of products will come to a halt soon. Which also means that I need to get the rest of my 2015 Bridal pieces done and photographed immediately. This will be my project for the week. I am going to have to find some time for sketching as well because I have four ideas for dresses (three bridal and one cocktail) that I have to get down before I lose them. But I know once I do those four dresses will turn into several dresses. Priorities, priorities, priorities. I want a fashion empire. These are things that I just have to deal with!

Deon & Dion hit a small milestone yesterday. We hit 150 Etsy sales! On June 22, 2014 we hit 100 Etsy sales. That took almost 2.5 years. Now less than four months after hitting 100, we have done another 50. So thank you to all of Deon and Dion's customers and fans. You all encourage me so much and give my dreams validation! Hugs and kisses to you all!

And on that note, I am going to get started on my day. I hope that you all have wonderfully productive day and week!

Later loves!

Porsha Deun

In case you haven't heard, my Cowboys beat the Seahawks yesterday! YAAAAAAAY!

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Etsy Items of The Week

I absolutely love this week's featured item by DeMer Jewelry. The ring is absolutely stunning. There are no words for the craftsmanship that went into this piece.

It is solid palladium (very hypoallergenic) and has several ideal cut diamonds. Not to mention, it can be worn by a man or woman. Pictured below, you can get all of the details here.

The Deon & Dion item featured this week is our Baby Blue & Chocolate Ruffle Flower Hair Pins (pictured below). Great for providing that "something blue" for wedding day or matching with bridesmaids dresses.

What a Week & Fitness Challenge

This week has been busy! I added five new lapel pins to my shop, two of which I have to make matching hair puns for (picture below). I entered a contest by the Accessories Council for Emerging Designers, which meant I had to update Deon & Dion's business plan and create a look book (never done before). But I got it done. I won't know anything about it until next month. Three of my little cousins have put in their Christmas gift requests. Is it really that time? Geesh. But they are all things that they want me to make. It touches my heart to know that they would prefer me to make them something instead of buying a gift or giving them money.

Oh and my thighs feel like bricks after last week's fitness challenge.

So what is this week's fitness challenge? A move that I don't too much care for BUT it engages the entire body and gets the heart  rate up and is a favorite of the coaches on The Biggest Loser. BURPEES! Again, do as many as you can do, as quickly as you can (without losing proper form) today and try adding at least five more on each day this week. As I did last week, I am going to do them during the commercial breaks of my soaps. Here is a video of how to properly do a burpee: Burpees - How To Do Burpees and Avoid Common Inju…: . I don't want anyone getting hurt and please consult a doctor before doing any vigorous exercise.

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Fitness Challenge of the Week

Those of you that have been following me know my ending phrase for things is "fashion, love, and wellness". This is also the basis for how I operate Deon & Dion. I want you to be fashionable without breaking the bank. I want you to love yourself first & foremost (or how could you possibly love someone else). Finally, I want you to be well, physically, mentally, and emotionally.

I, however, am not the picture of physical wellness. Getting down to an healthier weight has been a challenge for me. Yes, I want to do it but the follow through has been a struggle. Yet, I have no problem with follow through in other aspects of my life.

Before, I would just go all in with dieting and working out. Then I would hit the burn out phase and all motivation for getting healthy would go straight to hell.

So here is my solution: BABY STEPS

Here is what I mean, instead of going all in like a mad person or someone that can handle that intensity every day (clearly, I am not one of those people), I am going to add exercise into my life (and hopefully yours) one exercise one week at a time. I am going to present them as weekly challenges.

This week's challenge, my favorite exercise move: SQUATS. Squats engage all if the larger muscles in the body. The larger the muscle, the more calories burned.

If you are sitting down working most of the day like me, try doing at least 20 squats per day, but add 5 more each day than what you did before. So if you do 20 squats today, tomorrow challenge yourself to do 25 and so on the rest of the week.

I always take a break throughout the day to watch my soaps (Young & the Restless, Bold & Beautiful, and General Hospital). So I am going to challenge myself to do as many squats as I can during each commercial break during that 2.5 hour period. If you have a favorite show that you watch, do the same thing. It is a rather quick and simple way to get in some needed exercise.

I will check in at the end of the week to share how I did with the challenge and to see how you did.

That is all for now loves. Squat on!

Fashion, love, & wellness,

Porsha Deon

Friday, September 26, 2014

Items of the Week

One of the things that I would like to start doing is featuring two items for the week from Etsy, one being a Deon & Dion item, the other being an item that I love from another shop that I just want to promote. This will be a good way to promote my items as well as others.

DO NOT SEND ME ITEMS TO BE FEATURED! This blog is not going to turn into a promotional blog and I do not have time to go through emails looking for items to feature. If and when I like an item that I come across, I will feature it. I am doing this out of the goodness of my heart. I am not looking for free items or reciprocal features.

I just suddenly got a feeling that I am going to have to repeat the above paragraph with each of those posts. Hmmmm.

The first item is something that I would love to have in my design room (once I move). It is a beautiful watercolor and ink print from Jessica Illustrations. I can honestly say that I LOVE looking through her shop.

The second item is from my shop. It is our signature Ruffle Flower Hair Pins in hot pink & baby blue.

Meme of The Week

Instead of Random Thoughts today, I thought I would share something that I shared on my Twitter page a couple of weeks ago.

As an entrepreneur, I HATE it when someone refers to what I am doing as "little". It is degrading. We entrepreneurs have big dreams, big goals, and big plans. Why don't you just step aside and watch with your oh so small mind.

Porsha Deun

Random Thoughts Wednesday

So I am getting back into the swing of blogging while still running my business, working in the new line, and other projects. All is going fairly well thus far.

Here are some random thoughts I have had throughout the week.

- Most of my blog posts are coming from the app on my phone until I get a new laptop or tablet. I just discovered how to add a picture to the post on the mobile app! Ha!

- I have not however figured out how to schedule posts. I guess I just have to save them and publish them when I want them released.

- I am going to have to use my calendar more to remember all of this! Lol

- The fall colors coming in here in Michigan have my mind rumbling with ideas for new spring items. Fall, spring, whatever! That is just how my mind works sometimes.

- Do you ever feel like social media is just too damn much sometimes? My brain gets crosswired with all of the different accounts, both personal and business. Then I had to block a few ignoramuses on Twitter this past week. People really need to get a life.

- I am so excited for Shondaland Thursday this week! Did ant of you see Grey's Anatomy, Scandal, and/or HTGAWM premieres last week? OMG!!! I am so addicted and Shonda is crazy talented. Tell me what you think pf the shows so far.

- Is Steve Burton coming back to General Hospital or what?  If not, then they need to change all of his pic at his love ones homes ASAP! I feel like they are just teasing me with the possibility of his return AND I DON'T LIKE IT! Lol

- People really need to read before they speak. I am just saying, it will save us both time & frustration.

That is all fqir now my loves.

Until next time, fashion, love, and wellness.

Porsha Deun

Thursday, September 25, 2014

I'm Back To Blogging!

Hi al! Yes, I am back to blogging and hopefully for good this time. Working on so many things, often times something will get lost in the shuffle and blogging was that thing for me. Why did I decide to blog again? Well, blogging was/is therapeutic for me. It helps me settle my thoughts when everything gets jumbled, plus it is a great venting mechanism. Also, I want to reconnect with the followers I have herr and gain some more. As a business owner, self branding is just as important as important as business branding.

For those of you that don't know me, my name is Porsha Deun and I am the owner and creative head for fashion accessory power house Deon & Dion. Deon & Dion is currently on Etsy and sells everything from hair accessories to men's handkerchiefs and lapel pins. One can seriously coordinate the accessories for their entire wedding party in my store. Deon & Dion even has corsages but I am discontinuing them (they are 70% off). I am big fans of General Hospital, Shonda Rimes' Thursdays (Grey's Anatomy, Scandal, and How To Get Away With Murder), Trey Songz, & Idris Elba.

So first order of business, I want to thank all of my followers (there aren't many of you yet but this is still sincere) for not only sticking around during my on and off again relationship with blogging. I will try to do better. My goal is at least three posts per week. That should be very doable. I also want to again thank those that showed their love and support  to me when I came out about my infertility issues and the struggles that I have with it. If you haven't read the post, you can find it here.

Second, here is an update on what has been going on with Deon & Dion and myself:

- Deon & Dion hit 100 online sales this past June (it took nearly 2.5 years but YAAAAY) and is on target to hit 2015007 by year's end.

- Lapel pins were added to our men's accessory line just over one month ago. They are well on their way to being our number one selling item this year.

- I am currently working on our 2015 Bridal accessory line, which will be debuting in a fashion show in November and will be available in my shop shortly after. Dates to be announced later.

- In addition to the bridal line, I am also working in two other projects that I am keeping close to my chest, one of which I am hoping to reveal by the end of the year.

- I have found love!!! A picture of my love and I will come later. He is my everything. I think this one just may be forever.

Those are all of the updates for now.

I will check with you all later.

Love. Fashion. Wellness.

Porsha Deun

Monday, April 21, 2014

New Items Preview!! 4/21/14

I will be adding a few new floral crowns to Deon & Dion this week. They are gorgeous (of course, I would think so). They are perfect for outdoor weddings and boho chic summer dresses and skirts. One I loved so much I had to make a second one to keep for myself! Can you guess which one it was??? If you guess correctly, I will randomly select an item from my shop to send to you!!! Leave your answer in the comments and send a private message to us on Facebook saying that you entered the contest. We will contact you via FB if you win! This is such a random contest!!!! Was not planning it at all!

Here are the pictures of the new floral crowns:

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Random Thoughts

This is my first random thoughts. Just some things that have been on my mind this week. Feel free to laugh, agree, or not agree.

  • I watched the season premier of Wife Swap this past Tuesday. I still have not figured out Jermaine Jackson's hair (that was my sole reason for watching it). That case is still open.
  • After snow again this week in Michigan (which, in some areas, broke the record for most snow during a winter season), it would be really nice if for the next 5 winters, it just didn't snow at all.
  • Ever just have something in you hand, set it down, get ready to go back to it just a couple of minutes later to discover that it has ran off??? I believe my crafting scissors have not liked me at all this week. I can put them down and then can't find them when I need them again!
  • This one is actually tip: Make more of an effort to smile. Think of something that makes you smile if you have too. You will be surprised at how much better you will feel.
  • Chocolate milk is the best beverage EVER!!! Whoever came up with the thought of putting chocolate in milk deserves a Nobel Prize. If all of the world leaders would drink some chocolate milk while talking to each other, there would seriously be world peace.
That is all for now! Until next time loves!!

Love. Fashion. Wellness.
Porsha Deun

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

300th Item!!!!


Just yesterday I listed the 300th item to my shop, Deon and Dion. It is actually the result of a custom order for my princess of a little cousin Madisyn (I will get pictures of her in it later). Funny enough, it is just a blinged out version of the very first items that I listed!!! It is a large pink ruffle flower with a double edge rhinestone trim. Each rhinestone was added individually by hand (it literally took me all day to do it). There are nearly 200 rhinestones on this hair flower, as the rhinestones are on both sides of the edges of the flower. Pictures of the item are below!!!

To go directly to this item, click here.

That is all for now.

Until next time loves!!!

Fashion. Love. Wellness.
Porsha Deun

Monday, April 14, 2014

My Personal Struggle With Infertility

In 2008, I was told by my then OB/GYN that I would not be able to conceive a child. I had (and still have) multiple uterine fibroid, ovarian cysts, extra tissue hanging in my uterus, and my fallopian tubes were twisted around my ovaries and full of scar tissue. I had so much scar tissue that it was spewing out of my tubes and causing my uterus to stick to my back (which is why I constantly felt the need to pop my lower back).

I have struggled with this ever since then. There is nothing more that I want to be than a mother and a wife and, yes, for me the two are hand-in-hand (I will explain more on this a little later). I have never really talked about how much I struggle with this. It is something that those closest to me will not understand and may not even be able to sympathize with. They all can have kids and/or they DO have kids. There was one person that I did lean on when I first learned of my condition and he was great about it and I will forever be grateful to him for that. But life, happened, as it always does, and we are no longer in contact with each other.

So why am I opening up about this now? And why on the world wide web? I finally decided that it was time that I did and I couldn't think of ONE person to open up too. What trigger these decisions. Well, yesterday there was a news report of the bodies of seven babies found in the former home of a their mother. This angered and pained me so. I commented on the Facebook post of this news by a national news show and the outpour of sympathy and support touched me. It has been more than 12 hours since I made my comment (below) and it is still receiving "Likes" (it is the most liked comment on this post), as well as comments of support from others that have suffered from infertility issues too. One lady even sent me a very beautiful message to my inbox. Here is my comment:

"This makes me sick. There are people out there (like me) that can't have or struggle trying to have kids and would make GREAT parents. Then there are idiots like this that just continue to reproduce and don't deserve to be a parent."

At this time, there have not been any reports on whether or not if this woman had some mental issues. I am not discussing that or that particular situation. What I am discussing, again, is my struggle with infertility. This situation just triggered me to talk about it.

As I said before, there is nothing more that I want to be than a mother and a wife. I have always wanted at least seven kids (yes, 7) that would be a mix of biological and adopted children. I wanted to be a stay at home mother, with a business that would not take me away from my family for most of the day.

Yes, adoption is still an option and is something that I do want to do, but not a husband, my husband. I am even willing to give IVF a try, but again, not without a husband. I have never wanted to be some guy's baby-momma. I want to be the best friend and wife to a man that I love and for him (whoever he maybe) to view and feel the same way about me.

No, a marriage is not guaranteed to work just because kids are present. But I grew up in a home with both parents in the home up until the death of my father. My brothers and I can attest to the difference in our lives from having both parents there, to only have one there in the home. And I am grateful for the time that my brothers and I had with our father. I look at some people that I know who never had an active father figure and I can't help but wonder how different their life (and the life of their offspring) would be if they had that for even a few years in their life.

But because of how I was raised, what I want for my future kids, and I do not have this husband that I am patiently waiting to find me, I cannot have actively pursue adoption and IVF just yet.

Also, every relationship that I have been in, there has been the discussion of having kids one day. In all of those, the male had expressed their desire to have kids of their own (except for one). At this point, I am not even sure if I can give a guy that. The once exception was older, with kids, and wasn't looking to have more. There have been guys that I have dated (you know, just getting a feel for them as a person) and I would suddenly not hear from them again after having a conversation about family and kids and telling them about my situation. I recall being out for dinner with a date and he looked me in the face and said,

"that is not going to work for me".

Needless to say, that date ended there. And obviously, none of those guys were my guy. But the likelihood of not being able to give a guy a chance at expanding their genetic gene pool has the tendency to make men bolt in the opposite direction. Sometimes I can't help but wonder if it will cause me to spend my days alone. No husband. No kids.

And I struggle with this. I have my good days where the news of someone being pregnant or being around kids do not bother me. And I have my bad days where I just want to avoid everyone. Not because I think I will do something crazy like kidnap an expectant mother or child (I have every reason to believe that I am more mentally and emotionally stable than that), but because I don't ever want to have that feeling of jealousy set in towards something that is so beautiful and precious. I am happy for those that can make a family, especially when it happens to someone close to me because that means a new child that I can have for a few hours or days. Then, when I give the child back, it is just me and my work. I don't want to spend my life like that. Again, I wonder if that is all there will be for me.

The tears I have been fighting back while writing this are starting to win, so, I will stop now.

Until next time loves.

Fashion. Love. Wellness.
Porsha Deun