Friday, September 14, 2012

Sexy Friday

TGIF or TGISF (Thank God It Is Sexy Friday)!!!!! This week, some luscious chocolate. Ryan Gentles, best known for several roles in Tyler Perry's plays (or at least that is where I know him from).

Have any Sexy Friday suggestions? Email me or leave a comment.

Until next time loves!!!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Football Season Is Here!!!!

Yes, I am a huge football fan. My Sundays have been very boring and bland since the Superbowl. I go through this vicious cycle every year....a spring and summer of epicly boring Sundays. But that did allow me to get more work done for my shop. So now I have to try to squeeze more in on Fridays and Saturdays for creating and scheduling posts and updates on Fridays. Well, it will be just Saturdays for a little while as we are getting into our busy season at my day job. Plus stay on top of my school work, keep up on my Fantasy Football team (yes, I have one and it is serious!) and get ready for the holiday season (which I am hoping will be big for me). I am getting tired just thinking about all of that.

So back to football. The Dallas Cowboys is my favorite teams. I hate the New York Jets with a strong passion. I am just now getting into college football. Don't have a favorite team there yet.

I am watching the Lions vs. the Rams as I am writing this and Megatron just got a big catch and I yelled "yes" and started clapping and completely freaked Fifi (my cat) out! Poor thing. She will get used to her mom acting crazy on Sundays. lol

Anyway, I just wanted to express what a huge football fan I am! My weeks feel complete now! Do I have any other football loving followers???

Oh, and shout out to Shannon Eastin for being the first female referee to regulate a NFL regular season game!!!!! If I didn't have a thing for football players I would think about pursuing that career. Oh the trouble that I would get into!!!! lol

Until next time loves!!

Monday, September 10, 2012

Weight Loss Journey: Week 8

Hey everyone!!! Hope things have been great!

Since my last weigh-in, I have lost 0.3 lbs this week. Hey, a loss is a loss no matter how small!!! Still moving in the right direction. My goal is to be under 250 by the end of this month and I have 3.7 lbs to go!!!!

I got back into working out at home and went on a six mile walk yesterday. Also, once I finished scheduling my posts and updates for the week, I would run in place or do jumping jacks as fast and hard as I could during the commercial breaks. There will be a weight loss tip post about taking advantage of every minute, especially commercial breaks during your favorite shows later this week.

So I stocked my fridge with fruits and bags of salad for this week. I took a tip from a family friend of mine. She told me that everything that a person needs from the grocery store are in the outer aisles. Think about it, your bread (preferably whole grain), fresh fruits and veggies, dairy, meats, and whole foods are usually all on the walls of the store. Your beans, rice (brown rice), and whole grain pasta are usually found in the first two aisle from the produce section. That is the usual set up of a grocery store, however the one that is closest to my house has a very backwards set up. I believe they want to continue for their shoppers to be fat. The first thing that you see when you walk in are chips and cookies (my down fall). But I was strong!!!

How have you done this week? Make any progress? Have any tips to share? I would love to hear about them. Email me at

Until next time loves!!!

Monday, September 3, 2012

Weight Loss Summary: Week 7

Good evening everyone!!

This post is later than what I normally do. But in the news of a recent death and the mode that it put my mine in, I felt to post something at this very moment.

News just broke about an hour or so ago that Michael Clarke Duncan has past from a heart attack. I loved everything about this guy. From his deep baritone voice to his gentle giant personality both on and off screen to his comedic moments. Did you know that he loved cats??? Most wouldn't expect that from such a big guy.

Now to the mode that the news of his death put me in. Duncan died from a heart attack. Being overweight (not that he was overweight since he was mostly muscle) often leads to heart attacks and strokes. I have not actually worked out in over one week. Yes, I need a whoppin'. So after the cause of his death set in and looking at my own overweight situation, I put on my workout shoes, and did one of my favorite workouts...The Mike Tyson Squats. If you don't know what they are, click here. I did one more set then what I was doing before, which is progress (I am at 10 now)!!!! I love this workout because it worked the larger muscle groups in your body (the three glute muscles, quads, and hamstrings) and it gets your heart rate up. Larger muscle groups burn more calories. Plus I read in a Women's Health article that strength training wins over cardio for losing weight and keeping it off.

I am not even going to bother getting on the scale this week as I have been eating pizza for the last three days. I am a little disappointed in myself but I am motivated to get my rear into gear! lol.

I hope you all have had a better weight loss week than what I had.

Until next time loves!!!