Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Football Season Is Here!!!!

Yes, I am a huge football fan. My Sundays have been very boring and bland since the Superbowl. I go through this vicious cycle every year....a spring and summer of epicly boring Sundays. But that did allow me to get more work done for my shop. So now I have to try to squeeze more in on Fridays and Saturdays for creating and scheduling posts and updates on Fridays. Well, it will be just Saturdays for a little while as we are getting into our busy season at my day job. Plus stay on top of my school work, keep up on my Fantasy Football team (yes, I have one and it is serious!) and get ready for the holiday season (which I am hoping will be big for me). I am getting tired just thinking about all of that.

So back to football. The Dallas Cowboys is my favorite teams. I hate the New York Jets with a strong passion. I am just now getting into college football. Don't have a favorite team there yet.

I am watching the Lions vs. the Rams as I am writing this and Megatron just got a big catch and I yelled "yes" and started clapping and completely freaked Fifi (my cat) out! Poor thing. She will get used to her mom acting crazy on Sundays. lol

Anyway, I just wanted to express what a huge football fan I am! My weeks feel complete now! Do I have any other football loving followers???

Oh, and shout out to Shannon Eastin for being the first female referee to regulate a NFL regular season game!!!!! If I didn't have a thing for football players I would think about pursuing that career. Oh the trouble that I would get into!!!! lol

Until next time loves!!