Saturday, October 4, 2014

What a Week & Fitness Challenge

This week has been busy! I added five new lapel pins to my shop, two of which I have to make matching hair puns for (picture below). I entered a contest by the Accessories Council for Emerging Designers, which meant I had to update Deon & Dion's business plan and create a look book (never done before). But I got it done. I won't know anything about it until next month. Three of my little cousins have put in their Christmas gift requests. Is it really that time? Geesh. But they are all things that they want me to make. It touches my heart to know that they would prefer me to make them something instead of buying a gift or giving them money.

Oh and my thighs feel like bricks after last week's fitness challenge.

So what is this week's fitness challenge? A move that I don't too much care for BUT it engages the entire body and gets the heart  rate up and is a favorite of the coaches on The Biggest Loser. BURPEES! Again, do as many as you can do, as quickly as you can (without losing proper form) today and try adding at least five more on each day this week. As I did last week, I am going to do them during the commercial breaks of my soaps. Here is a video of how to properly do a burpee: Burpees - How To Do Burpees and Avoid Common Inju…: . I don't want anyone getting hurt and please consult a doctor before doing any vigorous exercise.