Saturday, September 27, 2014

Fitness Challenge of the Week

Those of you that have been following me know my ending phrase for things is "fashion, love, and wellness". This is also the basis for how I operate Deon & Dion. I want you to be fashionable without breaking the bank. I want you to love yourself first & foremost (or how could you possibly love someone else). Finally, I want you to be well, physically, mentally, and emotionally.

I, however, am not the picture of physical wellness. Getting down to an healthier weight has been a challenge for me. Yes, I want to do it but the follow through has been a struggle. Yet, I have no problem with follow through in other aspects of my life.

Before, I would just go all in with dieting and working out. Then I would hit the burn out phase and all motivation for getting healthy would go straight to hell.

So here is my solution: BABY STEPS

Here is what I mean, instead of going all in like a mad person or someone that can handle that intensity every day (clearly, I am not one of those people), I am going to add exercise into my life (and hopefully yours) one exercise one week at a time. I am going to present them as weekly challenges.

This week's challenge, my favorite exercise move: SQUATS. Squats engage all if the larger muscles in the body. The larger the muscle, the more calories burned.

If you are sitting down working most of the day like me, try doing at least 20 squats per day, but add 5 more each day than what you did before. So if you do 20 squats today, tomorrow challenge yourself to do 25 and so on the rest of the week.

I always take a break throughout the day to watch my soaps (Young & the Restless, Bold & Beautiful, and General Hospital). So I am going to challenge myself to do as many squats as I can during each commercial break during that 2.5 hour period. If you have a favorite show that you watch, do the same thing. It is a rather quick and simple way to get in some needed exercise.

I will check in at the end of the week to share how I did with the challenge and to see how you did.

That is all for now loves. Squat on!

Fashion, love, & wellness,

Porsha Deon