Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Natural Hair Journey Restart

So in one of my early blog post "Finally Accepting My Hair Just The Way It Is and Loving It", I talked about how I came to wearing my hair naturally. We about a month or so ago, I foolishly let my hair get dry and it shed horribly. So I cut all of my hair off again and it is the shortest that it has ever been. Some areas of my hair have become a lot thinner so I was wearing wigs while it fills back in because it looks very splotchy. But I decided to go ahead and got to the barber shop and have them make it look nice and neat.

So I am nursing my hair back to health with a homemade oil blend (Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, and Avocado Seed Oil) and pure Shea Butter. I did some research on each before coming up with my current hair care regimen. You can tweak this however you see fit. I just do mix equal parts of each oil for the oil blend. I also use this oil blend on my skin and it is AWESOME!!!!!

According to an article I found on Yahoo, "coconut oil is able to bind to the natural protein structure of the hair. This helps the hair retain its natural moisture content and reinforces the hair fiber, making it stronger". As with any other oil or non-water based moisturizer, it works best when hair is damp or wet. Coconut oil is also a natural sunscreen.
Coconut Oil

Olive oil penetrates the hair better than other oils. No matter what oil blend you make, be sure that olive oil is a part of it. The purer the better, so try to get extra virgin olive oil if you can. Olive oil is very nourishing and has wonderful moisturizing benefits. It also prevents dandruff.

Almond oil is a great source of protein and hair is mostly protein. Almond oils has been noted for its ability to strengthen and grow hair. It also provide an awesome conditioning shine to hair with regular use.

The avocado has so many benefits. It is filling an nutritous if you are dieting. It also make a great facial/hair mask and a great dip! The oil that comes from an avocado is just as beneficial for your hair and skin. Like the oils mentioned above, avocado oil has wonderful moisturizing capabilities. It also has fatty acids which are great for keeping hair strong and shiny.

All of the oils absorb into hair and skin very well and do not leave an greasy or oily feeling. I have been doing this oil blend for quit some time and my hair and skin have never been softer.

Shea butter has at least twice the moisturizing capabilities of cocoa butter. Shea butter has been known to grow hair. Shea butter also absorbs quickly and does not clog pores. Like coconut oil and avocado oil, it is a natural sun screen.

Do you have any natural hair care remedies?? I would love to hear about them.

Until next time loves!