Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Workout Challenge - January - Squats

Okay. Here is a workout challenge that I saw online last month and did not do. Starting today, do as many squats as you possibly can without stopping, in good form. Tomorrow, do add five squats on to what you did the day before. Then the next day, you add five more to what you did the day before that. Each day, you go up by five squats. If you do this every day, you will be able to do 150 more squats than what you did on day one!

I will do monthly challenges like this from now on. I chose to start with squats because they work the larger muscle groups of the body and because they are larger, they burn more calories and working the arms or the abs. I will do updates on these throughout the month. Oh, and these challenges are to be done in ADDITION to your regular workout routine!!! NO CHEATING!!!!

Be sure to march in place for a couple of minutes to warm up your muscles before getting started.

Below is a video of how to properly do squats.

So I am starting out with 27 squats. So you get to squatting and post your starting number in the comments.

Until next time loves!