Thursday, August 30, 2012

What's The Fuss With Natural Hair

I came upon the article below about people getting on Solange Knowles about her natural hair (the link to the article is below). Some say that her natural hair is always looks unkept. I have natural hair and I do not carry a pic or any type of comb in my hair. I can't speak for Solange, but I prefer a more wild unkept look to my hair. Honestly, that is the more natural state of my hair. It is not in a perfect afro and if I even think of trying to force it to do so, my hair is just like "whatever".

Someone said that Ms. Knowles rocks a natural wig or weave more than she rocks her own natural hair. NEWS FLASH: THERE ARE A LOT OF WOMEN THAT WEAR A WIG OR WEAVE INSTEAD OF THEIR OWN HAIR, REGARDLESS OF RACE OR HAIR TYPE!!!! If they didn't, then the business of hair weaves, extensions, or whatever else it may be called would not my a multi-billion dollar business industry!!!! Does it really matter that her hair is natural??? Is there some unwritten rule with those (more so Black women) that do not wear natural hair that those who are natural are not supposed to wear weaves ever??? I really do not understand.

People are so quick to criticize what they either don't understand or know nothing about. I really do wish that they would shut up.

I am done ranting about that now.

Until next time loves!!!!

Solange Knowles: Quit picking on my natural hair!