Thursday, August 23, 2012

Weight Loss News and Motivation

So at the start of this summer I weighed 264 lbs. I am now 254 lbs. So I have lost 10 lbs so far, some of which was lost prior to me blogging about my weight loss journey. At the start of the summer there were a pair of denim capris in my closet that I have not been able to get up past my butt and hips in the last two years. With a tiny bit of wiggling, not only did I get them up to my waist, I was able to fasten them up pretty comfortably!!!!!!

I am so excited!!!! I was determined to be able to wear these by the end of the summer and I accomplished that goal!!!!

Now I have to go through my closet and find another item to be my goal by Thanksgiving.

I am looking forward to being under 250 for the first time in years!!!! That is my short term goal to reach by the end of October.

What are your goals???

Until next time loves!!