Thursday, August 2, 2012

Plan to Succeed in Weight Loss

Planning is everything in all aspects of life!!! If you have no plan, then you plan to fail. It is a very simple concept that can be applied to weight loss.

So here is my planning tip: Plan out your meals for the week!!

This helped me tremendously last week. How many times have you been so busy with work, projects, family, or whatever else that you didn't realize that you were hungry until your stomach made a very loud proclamation saying "I'm empty, feed me now!"?And of course, the quickest "meal" that you can eat is more than likely not the healthiest. Between school, work, this blog, and trying to get my Etsy shop to the point where it will replace and exceed my income from work, this happens to me a lot.

On Saturday, figure out what you want to eat for the next several days and pick it up at the grocery store. On Sunday, make it and refrigerate it. I now keep a large bowl of salad and fruit in my fridge. So when hunger hits and waiting for something to get done cooking is not exactly feasible, I can quickly grab some salad and/or fruit. I also bake up a couple of chicken breast and some fish that I can just heat to go along with my fruit and veggies. It is an instant meal!

If you have school aged kids having a ready to eat bowl of fruit for them to eat when they get home from school is a great way for you to get your entire household on a healthy road and is a lot better than them heating up some frozen pizza rolls or corn dogs.

That is my healthy tip for the week!!!

Until next time loves!!!