Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Twist Out Tip for Natural Hair


I am a true 4C. There is absolutely no curl definition to my hair. It is just there!!! Some areas of my hair are more stubborn that others, which is typical on any head of hair. So when I would do my twist (no matter the size), some of them would come completely apart before I was done with my entire head or overnight. It was so frustrating.

So when I twisted my hair after washing it last Saturday, I double twisted my hair and the twists held over the weekend until I was ready for the twist out on Monday. What is a double twist? Basically, it is two twists twisted together. You do the normal two strand twists. Take two of those twist and twist them together like you would do for a normal twist. That is it!

The double twist held together great. It also gave a little bit more definition and texture to my hair, which I love.

Until next time loves!!!!!