Friday, July 20, 2012

The Down Fall of T.V. Equals The Down Fall of Women

I just watched the last two episodes of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta. I have seen a couple of episodes of Basketball Wives, Housewives of O.C., NJ, & Atlanta each. I have not seen and have no intentions of seeing Bad Girls Club and Jersey Shore. We all are well aware that reality shows have taken over television because it is one (1) cheaper for networks to produce and (2) there is a serious lack of true and creative writers in Hollywood and New York.

This is my problem: none of the shows mentioned above (and there are other) show women (no matter the race) in a positive light. I am quick to vouch that not all of us act the way that hose women act on those shows but they are not helping at all. During the women civil rights movement, many women fought the equal rights of women. Granted that we are not always seen as equals in society but we are more than our bodies. We are more than loud mouths spewing out dumb crap. There are some of us, that actually are educated ladies who want to make it on our own dime and actually support our significant other. I don't know these women, so I can't say that they did or didn't support their hubby or boyfriend during their relationship.

What I can say is that they obviously do not support each other. Yes, females can be catty. Yes, the editors of the shows do not show everything, only what they think will please viewers and cause them to watch again. But for there to not be any coming together, support, and maturity is insane to me. And these are all suppose to be grown women!

I have never wanted to join a sorority. There is nothing wrong with sororities, they just weren't for me. One thing that I can say about sororities, is that the women that are involved come together for a common good. There is no common good with any of those shows. For the most part they only attend each others events for the purpose of the show and to be seen.

I really wish the women on these shows and other would put on the hat of a lady and show what a force women can be when working together and they are doing something positive to better this world instead of being good at looking good at dinner parties and drinking wine.

Until later my loves!!!