Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Christmas in July Giveaway!!!!!

It's good to be back to blogging. Trying to balance with work, school, the business is a struggle but I'm working on it! So first things first, I hope you all have been well for the past few months. There will be some changes coming to the blog but I'm not sure what yet. Lol.

Second, there is a new website for my shop: www.deonanddion.com. Please go check it out.

Third, I will be expanding the shop into to include women's clothing later this year. I will debut the line in a couple of fashion shows this fall. I'm so excited! The line will include bridal, formal, and couture wear, along with some sexy pieces to party in.

Last but not least, there will ve a giveaway very, very soon. I will announce the details in a later post.

I have been busy busy busy busy but all is well. As I said before, I hope you all have been great. This is it for now.

Later loves!