Sunday, February 3, 2013

Weight Loss Journey - Month 1

I did not loose as much as I wanted to for this past month. I lost a total of 1.2 lbs, putting me at 266. My goal is 5 lbs per month. But I also know that I didn't start working out on a regular basis until last Monday. So it is my own fault. I did pretty good with my diet and I am getting into this Insanity workout. I have some more tweaks to make to my diet, like actually eating more fruits and veggies instead of just juicing them. I learned that making two gallons of juice at a time does not work for me because I barely even touched the second gallon of juice.

I did adopt some tricks in curbing my chocolate/sweet tooth cravings! Nutella is awesome. Just a little bit on a slice of whole wheat bread satisfied both my chocolate and carb cravings. Chocolate Almond Milk is great too (I just switched to soy and almond milk yesterday). Fiber One has a new chocolate cereal that satisfied both the chocolate and carb cravings and Special K's Chocolate Delight cereals is great for that too. Oh, and my new favorite yogurt, Yoplait Lite White Chocolate Strawberry Yogurt. A cup of that and a bubble bath and it could be a war zone outside of my house but in that moment, EVERYTHING is at peace for me!!! That stuff is like heaven!!

So for this month, I am kicking up the workouts and being more conscious of the sneaky calories (juices) that I consume. The good thing is that I did loose some last month instead of gaining or staying the same.

That is all for now.

Until next time loves!!!!